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Explore our complete water conservation landscaping solution.  Beautify your yard and garden with true to life artificial turf, water-friendly plants, and dynamic landscape architecture. 

California is in the midst of a major water crisis. Snow packs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains are at a historic low, putting major strain on California's water supply. Legislators are enacting significant water restrictions on LA homeowners that will dramatically curtail their ability to water their lawn.....

CA Water Crisis

Faux Grass

State regulators have made subsidies available for homeowners that wish to convert their landscaping to water-friendly alternatives. Traditional yards and gardens are major water consumers and contribute in a big way to the current crisis. Major water restrictions have been levied on homeowners and there is little chance that things will ease anytime soon. Click here to learn how best to Go Green!

Can you tell the difference?

In years past yes! Artificial turf lacked authenticity, and was prone to wear and discoloration over time. Not any more! Modern Faux grass mimics the look of real grass, and the differences......

  • Free Landscape Design Proposal
  • Expert Faux Grass Installation
  • Wide range of water friendly plants and foliage
  • Earth tone rockery, flagstones, and patio materials
  • Complete xeriscaping package pricing available
  • State Subsidy guidance and implementation
  • Servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Calculate annual water savings and costs

Complete water-saving yard & garden solution

Faux Grass Conservation Solution

State Subsidies