• Save 22k gallons of water
  • No lawn mower pushing
  • No fertilizer purchases
  • Pet Friendly solutions
  • Save on water bills
  • Tax rebates available
  • Contribute to larger good


Why Faus Grass?

The average home that coverts to artificial grass saves an average of 22,000 gallons of water per year.  They also cut down on water bills and lawn maintenance. In the greater LA region, rebates of up to 30 cents per square foot are available. This equates to $150 per 500 square feet installed.  These programs are very successful and are constantly being updated and modified as the water crisis deepens. Let us help guide and provide a proper quote that will take full advantage of the savings!


Faux or Artificial Grass: Only the highest quality

​Go2Green Landscaping

  1. Upkeep & Maintenance
  2. Cost  vs. Real Grass
  3. State Subsidies
  4. Warranty & Durability

Go2Green Landscaping is committed to doing its part to help mitigate the California water crisis.  We use only highest quality American-made faux grass, There are also a wide variety faux grass options available, you can choose the type of grass, tint, and purpose.  If you have pets we can install specially treated grass that makes for easy clean-ups. There are also synthetic grass options for both putting greens and tennis courts.  You will be amazed by the quality, and the best part - no water required!


In short, modern faux grass looks great, is easy to maintain, and it takes next to no water! California is in a major water crisis and there is little evidence to suggest that the drought will ease anytime soon.  Hence, LA area water restrictions are going to become more severe and will directly target lawn and garden use. So while a faux grass lawn installation will require up front capital, the resulting savings and peace of mind over the long term are worth the investment. 


Grass & Water Facts

Tax Rebates