​Go2Green Landscaping

Drought Resistant Philosophy

Xeriscaping uses these types of water-conserving plant life:

  • Flowering plants: California Sage, Wild Lilac, Foothill Penstemon, California Poppy and Wild Rose, and Bougainvillea
  • Shrubs: Deer Grass, Manzanita, Sugar Bush, and Coffee Berry. 
  • Trees: Australian Willow, Chitalpa, Crape Myrtle, and Strawberry Trees. 

​Water-saving Plants and Foliage

Xeriscaping is the technical term that defines the process of creating a water-saving  integrated landscape design. The design includes the use of faux grass, plants and foliage that are misers on water, as well as stylish stone and patio accents. Contact us today to set up a free at-home estimate.  As part of our free estimate, we will provide you with a unique landscape design that will survey what exists, apply a faux grass overlay, and incorporate complimentary landscaping elements.  The objective is to preserve existing garden elements where possible, and enhance them with our water-saving products and processes. 

Free Xeriscaping Design



Go2Green Landscaping has created partnerships with local LA Area garden centers that specialize in drought resistant plants.  While we are drawing inspiration from desert-style climates, where drought is a  regular feature of life, we feel that there are enough options available to cater to a wide range of customer preferences and tastes. Our experts will be able to provide a vision and a template to work with.  All of our installation work is backed by an industry-leading warranty. 

As part of our xeriscaping packages, Go2Green Landscaping sources contemporary earthen materials to highlight and show off your yard. We strive to promote a natural look whenever possible that seamlessly blends all of our landscaping elements together. From river rocks to natural flagstones and patio materials, your lawn and garden will look true to life, and be entirely ecological in the natural preservation of water.